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«ABYLOVE» cattery began its breeding work in 2008. Our cattery is registered in USA, in international feline system CFA. All breeding cats in our cattery are registrated in CFA. The main objective of our cattery is high quality breeding work, healthy and beautiful Abyssinians! Cattery «ABYLOVE» deals exclusively with modern type of Abyssinian breed. We work with all major Abyssinian colors: ruddy, blue, fawn and sorrel. In our cattery we collected the best and most exclusive Abyssinian lines from around the world, GC, DW and RW lines from: USA, Australia, Japan and Europe. All our breeding cats are free from infectious and genetic diseases, we tested all our cats in USA (UC Devis), and they have negative test results. Our cattery regularly participates in international cat shows and our abyssinians get high marks! On our site you will find a lot of useful information about the Abyssinian breed, as well as many beautiful professional photos of our males, females and their kittens.

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